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The Inspired Kitchen: Edwardian Style

Taking cues from across the pond, we fell in love with this Edwardian family kitchen in the UK designed by Humphrey Munson. What struck us most was their smart application of cabinetry finishes. A midnight blue hue contrast beautifully with the upper wooden cabinets and white perimeter fronts. If this particular kitchen had been all white—our favorite kitchen color in America—it would have lost the depth and interest that these combinations ultimately make. One unexpected design element is the circular wooden table that been customized to fit into the countertop. Three people can comfortably sit here and have the advantage of seeing each other (versus being side by side).

Another surprise is the mirrored backsplash behind the stove. It adds a bit of patina to this new kitchen that makes it feel more lived in. Finally, storage is key to any functional kitchen and there are smart solutions all over this space: tray inserts on the side of the island, a niche by the stove to keep everyday spices, and a hidden coffee cabinet smartly placed near the primary sink. One final bit of inspired design is the mantel-like facade over the cooking area. It’s a perfect solution to hide the hood and add another place for display.


Original post created by: Marqet Group

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