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Quick Guide to Hosting Thanksgiving on Granite Countertops

Thanksgiving Granite Countertops

Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year?  Do you have granite or marble countertops in your kitchen? Well look no further, we have a quick holiday care guide for you!

Thanksgiving is a few days away and it’s time to get your countertops ready. Natural stone countertops are a beautiful feature of your home so it is important that we keep those countertops in tip-top shape, especially during the holiday season.



It is important to seal your countertops once a year, so why not do it a week a before the holiday season for extra protection for your kitchen countertops!


Cutting Boards

A big part of hosting Thanksgiving is all the meal prep and the carving of the bird. The use of cutting boards is crucial! Natural stone is tough, but not so tough when you put a knife against it. Stock up on cutting boards before the main event and use them for preparing and serving your feast!


Heat Protectant

Everything needs heat protectant! From your skin in the summer sun to your hair from hot tools, it is important to heat protect your countertops too! Use hot pads and trivets to protect your countertops from the shock of hot pots, pans, and dishes.



As well as protecting from the heat you should protect from the cold and condensation of your glassware. The use of coasters will do this and add an elegant touch to your table setting.


Clean Up

To avoid a huge mess at the end of your gathering, clean up spills as you go! If you have marble countertops, cleaning up acidic spills like wine and lemon juice are very important to do ASAP to avoid staining and etching. The greatest and safest everyday method of cleaning your countertops is to use a microfiber towel and warm water. To tackle heavier messes, the use of nonabrasive countertop products recommended by your installer are best.


Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family, and those beautiful countertops!

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