Countertop EdgesCongratulations, you’ve selected a beautiful new granite, quartz, soapstone or marble countertop! Now it’s time to select the countertop edge. No problem, right? Well, fortunately you are right because you have Discover Marble and Granite here to assist you in selecting the countertop edge that’s right for you! But, the decision doesn’t come without some careful deliberation. Read on for a downright edgy interpretation of how to choose the right look and feel for your new countertop’s profile!

Square—as close to a 90-degree angle as you can get! Keep in mind that installers usually give a small “kerf” to soften the edge of a square countertop edge so it isn’t downright dangerous.

Bevel—if you took a small triangle-like bite out of the top edge of your countertop, bevel is what you’d have (basically)!  

Bullnose—a rounded edge all the way around that gives enough detail to make the countertop’s edge look interesting; perhaps that’s why this is one of the most popular options in the countertop edge profile department!

Demi-bullnose—if you’re looking for a countertop edge that’s popular like the bullnose but not as rounded, this may be your best bet because it combines the curvature of the bullnose with some angling (rather than being completely rounded the whole way around, the edge is only rounded until it meets the base of the countertop).

Ogee—great for traditional kitchens, this countertop edge includes a bit of a waving detail, making it a rather elegant option.

Eased—picture a square-edge countertop that’s heading for a waterfall—it starts to take a bit of a dip before descending over the edge: Ahhh, so beautiful! 

Mitered—the converse of beveled, here’s where the triangle-like cut is at the bottom edge of the countertop (so the top edge is completely straight across until it rounds down to the mitered portion). 

Dupont—a regal-looking countertop edge, this design features a stark 90-degree drop that flows into a cascading arch that meets the base of the countertop.

Quirk—picture a side view of a step and you’ve got this edge pictured perfectly!

French cove—think Dupont with an added layer of oomph courtesy of an additional tier of angled edges and a cascading arch.

So there you have it, today’s journey to the edge and back is complete! Of course, if you have any questions about the countertop edge profile options discussed here or other potential edges, don’t hesitate to contact Discover Marble and Granite! We have more than 10 years of experience as a leading importer, manufacturer and installer of natural stone and quartz surfaces in New England and Southwest Florida. We specialize in residential and commercial interior work for the wholesale industry, and we strive to provide exceptional customer service, fast turnaround and a large selection of high quality products, including many eco-friendly ones. Our product offerings include granite and marble, such as engineered Marblestone, soapstone, as well as natural and engineered quartz by Cambria, Viatera, CaesarstoneHanStone, Eco by Cosentino, PompeiiStone.

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