How should I clean my stone?

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How should I maintain my stone?

Regular cleaning on surfaces is necessary in maintaining stone. For porous finishes sealing should be done every six months.

What does sealer do?

Sealer coats the stone, covering within the pores creating a stain resistant protection for the surface.

Should I seal my stone?

Natural stone with polished finishes will not need to be sealed, however it is necessary for honed and leathered finishes. Because quartz is nonporous, it does not need to be sealed.

What is the difference between finishes?

Stones with a polished finish have gone through multiple levels of buffing, are smooth to the touch, and are highly reflective. Honed finishes appear much more dull and flat, are generally lighter in color, and are more susceptible to show finger prints and water rings. Leather finished stones appear to be rustic or antique, they have been tumbled with sand or pebbles and feature peaks and valleys in their surface for depth.

What finishes are offered for my stone?

Polished, honed, and leathered finishes are available for natural stone, polished being the most popular. Finishes for quartz varies depending on brand of stone.

What is the difference between natural stones and quartz?

Natural stones such as granite and marble have been quarried, and sanded into desired slabs and finishes. Quartz, however, is created by a process of grinding the natural quartz crystals and mixing them with a filler. This mixture is then pressed into slabs of desired shape and size.

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